Sammy Harkham

R. Crumb's Dream Diary

Elara Books
5 X 7.5

500 pages, hardcover.

Edited by Ronald Bronstein & Sammy Harkham.

For more than 40 years, legendary American artist Robert Crumb has documented his nightly dreams in a meticulously kept private journal. This material has stood as a guarded secret in a career defined by an impish compulsion to publicly self-disclose. All of the artist's well-documented preoccupations are present and accounted for―rampant egomania, insatiable lust, profound self-disgust, the sad beauty of old America, the moral bankruptcy of new America and the fool's errand quest for spiritual enlightenment―but here they are entirely untamed, springing forth from forces beyond even his control. Published for the first time, the complete Dream Diaries offer readers a deep, dark look under the hood of one of America's most aggressively dynamic comedic voices.


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